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Digital storytelling is a multimodal tool for creating narrative coherence and self-expression in a modern world. I've hosted numerous workshops for students, and below are some examples that I've created myself.

Fading Photographs: I have hosted a number of Digital Storytelling Workshops as part of my work. Putting together a digital story is an important opportunity to think through the narrative of your experiences and it fits especially well with study abroad. Personally, I found it quite a powerful opportunity to talk through some of the thoughts I'd been having about returning to Japan after 10 years.

Metaphors Are Where We Live: The starting point for my excitement about metaphors and cognitive structures. I think the video is more interesting than it probably sounds.

Building a Metaphorical Foundation (for Educational Techology): An application of the theoretical framework I've been building, looking at how metaphors impact our understanding and usage of educational technology.

Why Travel?: I'm still trying to answer this question. There's no one answer to this complicated question, which is, I think, the point.

The Shiroi Mono: This is a lighter (but visually darker) digital story that I made retelling the scariest thing that ever happened to me. Yes, it's a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Untitled Short Film: Made for one of my undergraduate classes, this is fifteen seconds of animation built from 150 pictures crafted in Photoshop, combined into 15 animated GIFs in ImageReady, transformed via Quicktime Pro into .dv files, and then strung together in iMovie. Clearly even in 2002 there was a more efficient method of doing this.

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