Hobonichi Techo 5-year

This upcoming year will be my sixth year with a Hobonichi Techo, an exciting milestone. While I don’t write every day, there is such enjoyment in looking back and seeing the joys, small and large, over the years.

This year has been more difficult than usual with the worries of COVID around the world, the disrupting being able to see friends and families, as well as blocking much of my planned professional and academic work that relies on international travel. I have been so thankful for the resiliency and kindness of those around me. But at the same time I have been a bit intermittent about using my Hobonichi in this year of challenge.

For next year, I am excited to try starting a 5-year Hobonichi, in which there are years for each set of two facing pages. I hope that in successive years I can fill in the pages with more joys, thoughts, and plans for the future to create something that is both a tool for action and a beautiful artifact to keep.

Also, in case others are looking, I can confirm that the Hobonichi 5-Year Techo does fit in the ohayo case. The case is full when zipped but other incidentals would fit within reason. There is not much give for pasting things in but I tend toward ink and watercolor so this suits me well. Plus who can resist a little dancing fox?

Ohayo hobonichi case with dancing fox stickerOhayo hobonichi case with 5-year techo, openOhayo hobonichi case with 5-year techo, closed

Photo of cat in front of 3-panel comic

Panel 1: (drawing of cat) Once upon a time there was a cat who liked to nom.

Panel 2: (drawing of pen end) Especially things that look like bugs moving around in the air.

Panel 3: (random scribbles) Yep.

The Butterfly Koi

I made a watercolor poster for our (someday hopefully forthcoming) novel¬†The Butterfly Koi, original size 18×24. Large areas of flat black are perhaps not best suited to watercolor, but enough layers of the relatively opaque¬†Kuretake Gansai Tambi made it work.