There’s nothing quite so gratifying as finding out that a student I’ve worked with for years, and who I know has overcome much, is receiving a well-deserved honor. It reminds me why I do this.

Go forth and fly (in an airplane, to another country)!

Not to volunteer for a gig as an unpaid #influencer, but I can’t believe the salads at Wendy’s these days. Apples, nuts, blue cheese, pomegranate dressing that, rather than being sickly sweet, tastes like angels playing piccolo on my tastebuds. How did that make it through the fast food decision-making grinder?

Things I’m glad to be hearing after I’ve landed…

Piloting entering plane to departing pilot: This a good one?

DP: Uh, nope…

[muffled laughter/chatting]

NP: Well, crooked is better than broken!