After about a year of the same design, it was time for a quick fall refresh. I also updated a few pages to correct links that had decayed, added a quick copy of this new design to the web design page, and refreshed the side banner.

sproutlight design 14

Website Update: Responsiveness

Maybe a decade overdue, but this website is now responsive to screen width. On smaller widths the links now move to the top of the screen to leave the full width for the text. This should work well for a mobile experience without cutting off any functionality since the same elements are all there, just in a more convenient place.

(For any visitors, hit up the main homepage to see the design instead of the wordpress template.)

Updates Galore

It had been quite a while since I updated the site, so there are updates galore: every page except art has some new content!

Most of the art on this page is from 2005 and older, so it is clearly overdue for an update. Until I have time to do the massive overhaul that is needed, more recent art is available on Instagram.