Updates Galore

It had been quite a while since I updated the site, so there are updates galore: every page except art has some new content!

Most of the art on this page is from 2005 and older, so it is clearly overdue for an update. Until I have time to do the massive overhaul that is needed, more recent art is available on Instagram.


Happy 2015!

And this site offered good advice, so I took it.

It’s 2015. Update Your Footer.
Change your static timestamp to an automatically updating copyright year or other dynamic timestamp.

I also took this opportunity to update a few design aspects. The DeviantArt embed I was using was terrible, so I removed it. On the flip side, the new Flickr embed is very nice indeed. My 404 was a little inaccurate, so I updated it. I also added a video section, and uploaded my very old video to YouTube, because it’s classic.