You’re Gonna Carry That Weight(y Hobonichi)

I am excited, as always, to order my Hobonichi for next year. The idea of the larger 5-year techo is invigorating–thinking of crafting a book over that much time that would be a central repository of ideas and experiences. But it’s also worrisome in that the benefit of the dated daily planner is in its ephemeralness: There’s no point in hesitating because you’re uncertain about your writing or your art. This is only the one day, and tomorrow will be a fresh, blank page.

The 5-year techo would add weight, not only in the literal sense,[note]I joke a bit, but the Avec Cousin is already something I think about before taking with me places sometimes. I’ve given thought to a second smaller to carry, but that also defeats the point of a central place for thoughts.[/note] but in the cycle from year to year seeing potential mistakes. Am I ready for the commitment?

For my educational tech class, we’re using Flipgrid, which is a system for shared student video responses in a class. For the first one, I felt the pressure to be simultaneously well-lit, friendly, thoughtful, erudite, and brief. I can see the value but also the challenges with the format.