Thank you, New Years Card, for being the fallback position from the onslaught of the end of a fall semester. You give me a way of sending good wishes to beloved family and friends while only looking moderately like a holiday lump.

[Gerd Kempermann and his colleagues at the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden in Germany] found an additive effect: exercise alone was good for the hippocampus, but combining physical activity with cognitive demands in a stimulating environment was even better, leading to even more new neurons. 

Link: Why Your Brain Needs Exercise

I wonder how games like Beat Saber fare for helping neuron-formation. It seems like it would be right in the intersection of cardio and thinking.

Me constantly: *Hears about a researcher tangentially related to my interests*

*Instantly orders a used copy of their book*

Two hours later: *Remembers I pay Scribd money every month so I will stop doing that*

“You’d think I’d learn.”