Simple Curtain

This is a much shorter project, but thought it might be interesting. Behold our boring bathroom window:


This problems with this window:

1. This window overlooks a busy street.

2. The cat loves to stand on the counter and look out, and he’s done a number on the venetian blinds over time. You can see that part of the blinds are so bent that they have actually broken off. (We didn’t want that rent deposit back anyway, right?)

The challenge for curtains is that the towel bar we use all the time is immediately below it. Also, it doesn’t look it, but the window is actually pretty wide. Regular fabric isn’t wide enough to cover it and have any kind of body.


What I ended upĀ using was actually a shower curtain from Walmart. The fabric goes very well with the different colored bottles in the room. I trimmed the length, and added fixed pleats at the top to give it body. The curtains are held up with clips at the top.


The General is still doing a number on the corner of the curtain to look out, but it seems to be wearing better than the blinds had. The print seems to hide the wear better too.

Costs (approximate):

Shower curtain: $10

Curtain clips: $5

Curtain rod: $10

TOTAL: $25

I like the calming blue atmosphere of the curtain. It makes the bathroom a bit more soothing, and helps to de-emphasize the faint pink of the tile. It’s not a permanent solution to be used in bathrooms for all time, but it’s great fit in this one.