Taking out the magic

I follow Magic Leap on Instagram because I find the idea of a digitally-enhanced future fascinating. However, I’m continually struck by how the account nearly exclusively shows people trying out the tech without any context of what they are seeing. Rather than promoting the excitement and the promise of the product, they are cementing the image that using ML means looking like a flailing foosball. What a lost opportunity.

Things I’m glad to be hearing after I’ve landed…

Piloting entering plane to departing pilot: This a good one?

DP: Uh, nope…

[muffled laughter/chatting]

NP: Well, crooked is better than broken!

@kimberlyhirsh Thank you for this. I’ve been wondering for a while how to better capture what are currently ephemeral thoughts on articles that I read, and have been pondering how I might try to create a research wiki. This looks worth trying for that purpose.