[Gerd Kempermann and his colleagues at the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden in Germany] found an additive effect: exercise alone was good for the hippocampus, but combining physical activity with cognitive demands in a stimulating environment was even better, leading to even more new neurons. 

Link: Why Your Brain Needs Exercise

I wonder how games like Beat Saber fare for helping neuron-formation. It seems like it would be right in the intersection of cardio and thinking.

Me constantly: *Hears about a researcher tangentially related to my interests*

*Instantly orders a used copy of their book*

Two hours later: *Remembers I pay Scribd money every month so I will stop doing that*

“You’d think I’d learn.”

This week was my first time presenting at a professional conference. While I’ve done many presentations for students and parents, it was different to assume a role of “expert” (or at least as someone with something of value) for experienced professionals. It went well, and I was so excited to see lively discussion at the tables.

One thing I hadn’t thought about is that yeah, there’s generally the idea of shaping the conversation in field by participating, but that applies in the micro sense as well. It was neat to be able to have the smaller conversations with people for the rest of conference about their thoughts and takeaways from my draft meaning making framework. It was also delightful to hear that people didn’t mind learning a little theory as well.