Support in 2020 is telling your sleepy but anxious SO that you’ve already been doomscrolling this morning and there’s nothing they need to know about so they can go back to sleep.

It’s clear that I have two papers to write: in the last two days, I have upgraded my computer to Catalina, tried mmhmm, created a Society6 account, prepped art, and troubleshot upgrading processes for my wordpress account to work with my host’s idiosyncrasies. Oh, and posted in twice.

I dream that someday zugakousaku will again update the fantastic Hotel Gadget screensaver so it can work on modern MacOS. Truly, I need that particular intersection between image, words, and the surreal in my life.

The Butterfly Koi

I made a watercolor poster for our (someday hopefully forthcoming) novel The Butterfly Koi, original size 18×24. Large areas of flat black are perhaps not best suited to watercolor, but enough layers of the relatively opaque Kuretake Gansai Tambi made it work.