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"It's More How People See You..."

After more than a year of work, my master's thesis was approved for final submission to the Graduate School! It has been a challenging project, but a fascinating one due to my own experiences and hearing students' stories everyday. A big thank you to my committee and--most especially--my advisor, Dr. Christina Weber. Also, my husband, who possesses infinite… View More

Video: Metaphors Are Where We Live

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuEFdfZgM4o[/embed] I put together a short video highlighting some of the intriguing concepts in the book Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson. They offer up a wealth of insights, and I'll be thinking about the impact of this new perspective for a while. Metaphors… View More

Video: Building a Metaphorical Foundation (for Educational Technology)

Because technology is by its nature abstract, the way that we think about these abstractions has a direct impact on how it is created and implemented. I created this video to walk through how metaphors impact technology on the levels of students, teachers, and in the big picture. Hopefully, this will provide some food for… View More


This week I decided to get serious with studying Japanese and started with Wanikani, an online system for learning kanji. Using a system of mnemonics and spaced repetition software (SRS) WK is designed to help you learn radicals, kanji, and compounds. First, you cram the new material into your brain, and then a few hours later WK will quiz you. Do well, and it'll extend the time until it asks you again. Miss one, and you'll see it again… View More

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