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Starting a new social media system is kind of like starting at a new school, but you have the power to build your universe follow by… View More

On Blogging and Micro.Blogging

Having spent a few weeks on Micro.Blog, I have a few thoughts on the functionality and interaction between a home blog and the M.B system. Yes, I'm going to be┬áThat Party Guest, but as the platform is developing I think it is important to discuss where the design intersects with experience. One feature that I appreciate is that initial posts start from your home blog, keeping your… View More

Breaking Safety Systems

The first time I was told about third-party apps made to reblog photos on instagram, I was just confused. The social network had been designed without that functionality in order to focus on original contributions, so I couldn't understand why people would be think a third-party workaround would be a good thing. On tumblr, reblogging is built in, so doing it is inherently beneficial for both parties. The sharer gets interesting content, while… View More

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