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For the First Time...

For the first time this year, I have enough art to do a "year in review"… View More

Holy cow...

Our offer was accepted. We are going to be home… View More

Almost everyday

One of the habits that I am most glad to have started last year was buying a hobonichi techo, a fancy planner from Japan. There is a whole community online devoted to people drawing and writing in their hobonichi,… View More

You’re Gonna Carry That Weight(y Hobonichi)

I am excited, as always, to order my Hobonichi for next year. The idea of the larger 5-year techo is invigorating--thinking of crafting a book over that much time that would be a central repository of ideas and experiences. But it's also worrisome in that the benefit of the dated daily planner is in its ephemeralness: There's no point in hesitating because you're uncertain about your writing or your art. This is only the one day, and tomorrow… View More


The start of year five with a Hobonichi Techo. Here's to new potential. This year I ordered a yellow cover, but I was disappointed that I couldn't see the beautiful detail on the cover on cover. I tried… View More


On buying a new… View More


Quick… View More

January in Photos

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After the end of a busy semester, sitting down with my hobonichi to take stock does so much to put my mind at ease. I haven't crossed much off yet, but I no longer need to continuously complete "remember everything in my… View More

✍ 2019-08-24

For fall semester, I'm trying out an A6 Hobonichi instead of the larger Cousin because sometimes follow-through is linked to there you set the bar. (Also, I'm a bit tired of the weight and I am in love with the grey wood bird case but I would definitely need to be sure on the size before that kind of… View More

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