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End of an Era

It was sad to discover that Papers3 has officially bit the dust and will no longer open on my Macbook. The company has moved on to a dodgy online service, so I knew it was only a matter of time, but it was still sad to realize that day had come.

Oh, magic citations, the times we had, the papers we wrote together.

Based on the multitude of positive recommendations out there, I am trying out Bookends. Since I am still in the divergent information gathering part of this project, I have only gotten as far as importing articles on my laptop, syncing them to my iPad, and reading while highlighting and taking notes. My initial impression is that the sync works so much better than Papers on mobile ever did to the degree that I'm sad to not have switched sooner.

Hopefully, the other functions will work as smoothly so I can wax poetic in a few weeks, because this summer I am drafting my lit review.


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