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This doesn’t surprise me.

The anti-immigration policies in Japan aren’t by any means new. Its Workers Aging, Japan Turns Away Immigrants… View More

The Hand Stylus

The Hand Stylus is a great example of industrial design and kickstarter financing. It has a good heft, a retractable tip, and I can use it to draw the logo for the company. It's a present inside of a gift inside of a clicky… View More

On Leaving Instagram

The reason I'm going to leave Instagram is it started out looking like an Apple Store but now in six months facebook made it look like a Don Quijote. It's brightly colored and probably sells more, but I don't want to live… View More

This is a great reminder of what a luxury it is to work on things we care about in this world. Should I quit my day job to write a… View More

Watching the videos here where wine companies are using AR in a custom app to animate labels, it strikes me as very Harry Potter. When conceptualizing tech, ideas from media often become the inventions of the future. What other fantastical realities are we going to be giving… View More

End of an Era

It was sad to discover that Papers3 has officially bit the dust and will no longer open on my Macbook. The company has moved on to a dodgy online service, so I knew it was only a matter of time, but it was still sad to realize that day had come. Oh, magic citations, the times we had, the papers we wrote together. Based on the multitude of positive recommendations out there, I am trying out… View More

I just had a sudden burst of nostalgia for The Show with Ze Frank (and A Show as well). A time and a place and a movement that's led to so much of what the internet is today. And low and behold, he's still out there, but behind the scenes: Ze Frank… View More


So Ms. Lee and local residents, desperate to save the 96-year-old school, came up with an idea: How about enrolling older villagers who wanted to learn to read and write? Such a good reminder of the privilege inherent in the opportunity to learn--what joy they have in this chance too. (NYT:… View More

Interesting to think about D & D themselves being subject to the pressures of American culture, prizing the psychological storytelling over sociological. Most of the critiques of the writing (mine included) have focused on their limitations as storytellers, thereby ignoring the systemic issues in Hollywood that encourage that kind of storytelling. Link:… View More

Interesting how much this sounds like Micro.blog in a nutshell: no follower count, no disembodied likes, just posting and responding as a conversation. I didn't realize how much I would like until I tried it. Earlier that month, during an interview at a TED conference, the Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey shared a… View More

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