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To celebrate getting micro.blog going, here’s one of my favorite recent photos. If you would like to follow me over there, my username is (unsurprisingly)… View More

Starting a new social media system is kind of like starting at a new school, but you have the power to build your universe follow by… View More

Beta Structures

I'm pretty much always up for a good beta, getting in on the new features and fixes at the expense of minor annoyances. I'm pretty patient with the broken bits too, knowing that they should get better over time. In the mean time, I just keep filing feedback and work around them for now. To take a sideways jaunt for a moment, one of the major tensions explored in sociology is the one between agency and structure. Agency can be very… View More


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Made strawberry sandwiches for dessert. Turns out we should have also made a sweet bread, but it was worth… View More

There’s nothing quiet as subtly disquieting as watching the car stopped behind you have their windshield wipers wiping wiping wiping when there is not a drop of… View More


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One practice that I find useful for organization and planning is sketch journaling. The Hobonichi Techo is my favorite tool for this as the paper is thin but takes ink and watercolor well. Here are a few ways that I like to use it. … View More


Remember to take care of yourself and sleep well,… View More

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