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Starting a new social media system is kind of like starting at a new school, but you have the power to build your universe follow by… View More

There‚Äôs nothing quiet as subtly disquieting as watching the car stopped behind you have their windshield wipers wiping wiping wiping when there is not a drop of… View More


Remember to take care of yourself and sleep well,… View More

Please stop printing "now a major motion picture" on book covers. I don't need your shame marker reminding me that I was late to the… View More

The semester just started up, so I will be a bit quiet for a week or two. It's an energetic, frenetic, frantic time of… View More

One key drive as an introvert is to spend some time simply unobserved. It's a state of not needing to think about how behaviors, words, facial expressions, etc. affect others and the ability to just be in that… View More

Today I had the privilege of sharing Nyan Cat with someone who had never seen it before. Sharing the rainbow… View More

How is it that some days are 57 hours long? Shouldn't there be some science or math to prevent that from… View More

Today the leaves are browning edge inward, the vigor of summer giving way to the crisp crackle of… View More

Ordered a new Apple Watch through Best Buy because I was getting a good trade-in, but now I'm stuck hitting refresh and hoping for a shipping notice. I want to resume life as an omniscient… View More

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