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31 Creativity

For 2011, I’m hoping to do a One-Month once-a-day photo post. On a couple of those days, I’d like to post a photo of a piece of art or some other project that I’ve completed, but for the most part I’m planning on thematic photos. Too often I think I end up to absorbed in serious thinking, so I hope that this will be a worthwhile way to stop and photograph the roses. 2013 EDIT: Um, I guess this lasted about 2… View More

Theme: Textures

This week, I wanted to take pictures of things I don’t normally pay attention to and what my reaction would be if I didn’t have pre-existing ideas of… View More


Just as a note, this is the third time that Tumblr has delayed posting something by more than 12 hours. In this case, I had used the official Tumblr app to schedule the picture to post at a specific date and time. Sure enough, when I logged in this morning to check on it Tumblr had it listed in my queue as something to post on Saturday at 11 AM. Perhaps they intend the feature as mneumonic device? Anyone know any better options for… View More

Final version of my updated bag lining

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Bag lining project

Today, a walkthrough of my Saturday project: creating a pocketed lining for my new bag. For the zipper I used the excellent tutorial… View More

The General Vacuuming 1

readsquirrel posted a photo: … View More

Digital Storytelling: Fading Photographs

These are some thoughts I had on my recent return to Japan after 10 years away. Photography has an interesting interaction with the way people remember things, and I wanted to talk about my thoughts on… View More

Recent Animal Photos

Here are two photos I took recently that I wanted to share. This cute bun bun was outside the window at a restaurant in May, and I couldn't resist taking a picture. I love his dashing grass… View More

Happy Cat-erdays!

It's been a challenging but fulfilling year. I hope everyone is having as happy a holiday season with family and friends as I… View More


Testing… View More

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