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Website Update

I have completely overhauled the photos page,┬ánow with more… View More

31 Creativity

For 2011, I’m hoping to do a One-Month once-a-day photo post. On a couple of those days, I’d like to post a photo of a piece of art or some other project that I’ve completed, but for the most part I’m planning on thematic photos. Too often I think I end up to absorbed in serious thinking, so I hope that this will be a worthwhile way to stop and photograph the roses. 2013 EDIT: Um, I guess this lasted about 2… View More

Hello world!

Behold: a new and exciting blog. I'm currently working on importing old posts from tumblr, so new posts will start… View More

Updated web design

Today an updated web design and a complete overhaul on the backend. Finally I have cast off using tables for gallery images in favor of the much superior CSS. This will make it much easier to update and involves less code… View More

Second Update

Numerous updates this time: Added a Print Design section. Added pieces to the Art, Web Design, and Miscellaneous sections. Added a favicon. Updated the design of the blog to match the main… View More

Website Update

Okay, it was time for a little refresh on the design...plus a new name! For me, not the site. Here is the old design for… View More

New site design

It'd been a while, so here is an update to the design of this page. For posterity, here's the old… View More

Happy 2015!

And this site offered good advice, so I took it. It's 2015. Update Your Footer. Change your static timestamp to an automatically updating copyright year or other dynamic timestamp. I also took this opportunity to update a few design aspects. The DeviantArt embed I was using was terrible, so I removed it. On the flip side, the new Flickr embed is very nice… View More

Holy cow...

Our offer was accepted. We are going to be home… View More

Updates Galore

It had been quite a while since I updated the site, so there are updates galore: every page except art has some new content! Most of the art on this page is from 2005 and older, so it is clearly overdue for an update. Until I have time to do the massive overhaul that is needed, more recent art is available on… View More

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