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Last Caturday before school starts… View More

✍ 2019-10-19

Happy… View More

✍ 2019-12-25

May you have a Christmas day as filled with warmth and joy as this… View More

✍ 2020-01-01

New year, this cat is keeping an eye on you. Start the decade out… View More

✍ 2020-03-15

In my homebound time today, there's just one small thing between me and… View More

✍ 2020-04-09

On a lighter note, a kaiju… View More

Hobonichi Techo 5-year

This upcoming year will be my sixth year with a Hobonichi Techo, an exciting milestone. While I don't write every day, there is such enjoyment in looking back and seeing the joys, small and large, over the years. This year has been more difficult than usual with the worries of COVID around the world, the disrupting being able to see friends and families, as well as blocking much of my planned professional and academic work that relies… View More

✍ 2020-10-14

We're starting to get chilly around here.… View More

✍ 2021-06-12

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