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✍ 2019-09-04

My copy of The Testaments came a week early, so last night I picked it up to read a few pages and by 11:15 had finished. I don't want to put in any spoilers, so I'll say it's worth reading: a story about the hope and terror of trying when it seems useless, a story for 2019.

Also, avoid the reviews, which are filled with spoilers on the characters. You would likely figure these details out as you read, but there's joy in the finding.

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✍ 2019-08-24

For fall semester, I'm trying out an A6 Hobonichi instead of the larger Cousin because sometimes follow-through is linked to there you set the bar.

(Also, I'm a bit tired of the weight and I am in love with the grey wood bird case but I would definitely need to be sure on the size before that kind of commitment.)

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Last Caturday before school starts again

Cat looking right

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✍ 2019-08-17

Happy lazy Saturday


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A call for an ISRB (Internet Service Review Board)

Much like research 50+ years ago was mistreating the research subjects, internet service providers (social media etc.) are mistreating users through engagement goals at the expense of mental health, monetization of data, and other forms of data mining. Expecting individual users to be experts on the practices and outcomes for every online service is unrealistic. Research needs an IRB (institutional review board) approval, why can't we do the same for internet services?

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