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Site Update: Is this thing on?

Over the last week, I've been doing significant updates under the hood of the site. Ideally, the page looks very similar to how it looked before, but it's now connected to ProcessWire on the back to make it easier to update.

One visible update is the complete overhaul of the Design page to include examples of marketing materials that I've created. Check it out for all your beautiful international photo and bespoke stuffed bison needs.

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✍ 2022-09-25

After about a year of the same design, it was time for a quick fall refresh. I also updated a few pages to correct links that had decayed, added a quick copy of this new design to the web design page, and refreshed the side banner.

sproutlight design 14

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✍ 2022-08-12

*emerges from a cave, blinking in the brightness of day* So, now that I've successfully defended my dissertation...

What do people do with their, uh--

*looks down at text written on her hand in sharpie* Fu-ree Tai-m?

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✍ 2021-06-12

Cat hugging book

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✍ 2021-05-09

For my mom, who always sees the first robin

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