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One key drive as an introvert is to spend some time simply unobserved. It's a state of not needing to think about how behaviors, words, facial expressions, etc. affect others and the ability to just be in that… View More

Today I had the privilege of sharing Nyan Cat with someone who had never seen it before. Sharing the rainbow… View More

For my educational tech class, we're using Flipgrid, which is a system for shared student video responses in a class. For the first one, I felt the pressure to be simultaneously well-lit, friendly, thoughtful, erudite, and brief. I can see the value but also the challenges with the… View More

You’re Gonna Carry That Weight(y Hobonichi)

I am excited, as always, to order my Hobonichi for next year. The idea of the larger 5-year techo is invigorating--thinking of crafting a book over that much time that would be a central repository of ideas and experiences. But it's also worrisome in that the benefit of the dated daily planner is in its ephemeralness: There's no point in hesitating because you're uncertain about your writing or your art. This is only the one day, and tomorrow… View More


May you hear the mysterious calls of the Orange Cone-Nosed Warbler to greet the… View More


The bird… View More

Breaking Safety Systems

The first time I was told about third-party apps made to reblog photos on instagram, I was just confused. The social network had been designed without that functionality in order to focus on original contributions, so I couldn't understand why people would be think a third-party workaround would be a good thing. On tumblr, reblogging is built in, so doing it is inherently beneficial for both parties. The sharer gets interesting content, while… View More

Finally got around to watching Search for the Wilderpeople. It's a movie that really demonstrates how something can be outright silly at time while still having something meaningful to say.[note]But in all seriousness, how did Taika Waititi end up doing Thor: Ragnarok. It was an amazing thing but… View More


Cozy day at home, just finishing some… View More

How is it that some days are 57 hours long? Shouldn't there be some science or math to prevent that from… View More

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