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✍ 2019-08-24

For fall semester, I'm trying out an A6 Hobonichi instead of the larger Cousin because sometimes follow-through is linked to there you set the bar. (Also, I'm a bit tired of the weight and I am in love with the grey wood bird case but I would definitely need to be sure on the size before that kind of… View More

✍ 2019-09-04

My copy of The Testaments came a week early, so last night I picked it up to read a few pages and by 11:15 had finished. I don't want to put in any spoilers, so I'll say it's worth reading: a story about the hope and terror of trying when it seems useless, a story for 2019. Also, avoid the reviews, which are filled with spoilers on the characters. You would likely figure these details out as you read, but there's joy in the… View More

✍ 2019-09-10

Sometimes I just want to look at soothing pictures without being told I need to spend money or should feel bad about… View More

✍ 2019-10-02

Inktober day 1 - Yukina and the… View More

✍ 2019-10-03

Inktober Day 2 - Kumanaka /… View More

✍ 2019-10-19

Happy… View More

✍ 2019-10-25

This week was my first time presenting at a professional conference. While I've done many presentations for students and parents, it was different to assume a role of "expert" (or at least as someone with something of value) for experienced professionals. It went well, and I was so excited to see lively discussion at the tables. One thing I hadn't thought about is that yeah, there's generally the idea of shaping the conversation in… View More

✍ 2019-12-01

Every year there is that one beautiful day in late November when I remember that Holiday Grapes… View More

✍ 2019-12-06

Me constantly: *Hears about a researcher tangentially related to my interests* *Instantly orders a used copy of their book* Two hours later: *Remembers I pay Scribd money every month so I will stop doing that* "You'd think I'd… View More

✍ 2019-12-12

The Knight Before Christmas is clearly propaganda funded by Big Hot… View More

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