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The End of Forgetting

My point is that there is something liberating about being able to forget the past and reinvent yourself in the present. Much of growing up, I would argue, is about reinventing yourself multiple times, and that requires being able to forget who you were six months ago, three years ago, 10 years ago. Vox: The End of… View More


Friday night… View More


A successful… View More


Meanwhile in Fargo... the day is that perfect glorious weather that I dream of all winter. Warm with a cooling breeze, bright, and filled with the sweet scent of… View More

Interesting how much this sounds like Micro.blog in a nutshell: no follower count, no disembodied likes, just posting and responding as a conversation. I didn't realize how much I would like until I tried it. Earlier that month, during an interview at a TED conference, the Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey shared a… View More


The challenge with auto-generated connections in a… View More

Now that's what I'm talking about: AR phone games have marketing down. Show us the fun! Show us the dream! Don't show us people awkwardly pawing at the… View More

The new mac pro is the baba yaga hut of computer towers, and I love… View More

Minecraft Earth looks like a blast. I can’t wait for the arrival of AR glasses for the full… View More


Happy Sunday. I hope you are at least half as happy at… View More

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