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Please stop printing "now a major motion picture" on book covers. I don't need your shame marker reminding me that I was late to the… View More


When this pencil case came down the line, the bagger picked it up and asked, "Is this yours?" and all I did was smile. No shame. His name is… View More

The semester just started up, so I will be a bit quiet for a week or two. It's an energetic, frenetic, frantic time of… View More


Sleep tight and dream of being… View More


Venice in… View More

On Leaving Instagram

The reason I'm going to leave Instagram is it started out looking like an Apple Store but now in six months facebook made it look like a Don Quijote. It's brightly colored and probably sells more, but I don't want to live… View More

This is a great reminder of what a luxury it is to work on things we care about in this world. Should I quit my day job to write a… View More

On Blogging and Micro.Blogging

Having spent a few weeks on Micro.Blog, I have a few thoughts on the functionality and interaction between a home blog and the M.B system. Yes, I'm going to be┬áThat Party Guest, but as the platform is developing I think it is important to discuss where the design intersects with experience. One feature that I appreciate is that initial posts start from your home blog, keeping your… View More

Liminal Space

It's errand day and we need lunch. We pull up to a Subway, one with an old bright yellow awning. One I've driven past many times over 20 years but never entered. The front door opens to a hallway, blue-grey carpet stretching ahead. To the left, a tax office with a sign printed in black and white inkjet. To the right, the wood veneer hollowcore that leads to the Subway, cheap gold handle hang loose. Inside, we order, joking with… View More


Sleepy… View More

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