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✍ 2020-04-12

This pandemic is breaking down so many artificial barriers. For example, I never expected to see J. Kenji López-Alt's bare… View More

✍ 2020-05-30

I made a watercolor poster for our (someday hopefully forthcoming) novel The Butterfly Koi, original size 18x24. Large areas of flat black are perhaps not best suited to watercolor, but enough layers of the relatively opaque Kuretake Gansai Tambi made it… View More

✍ 2020-07-12

It’s clear that I have two papers to write: in the last two days, I have upgraded my computer to Catalina, tried mmhmm, created a Society6 account, prepped art, and troubleshot upgrading processes for my wordpress account to work with my host’s idiosyncrasies. Oh, and posted in micro.blog… View More

✍ 2020-08-08

Support in 2020 is telling your sleepy but anxious SO that you’ve already been doomscrolling this morning and there’s nothing they need to know about so they can go back to… View More

✍ 2020-08-19

Ode to a Nose Swab Surprise, tap, swish Bright, brisk A dab of wasabi in the… View More

✍ 2020-08-30

  Panel 1: (drawing of cat) Once upon a time there was a cat who liked to nom. Panel 2: (drawing of pen end) Especially things that look like bugs moving around in the air. Panel 3: (random scribbles)… View More

Website Update: Responsiveness

Maybe a decade overdue, but this website is now responsive to screen width. On smaller widths the links now move to the top of the screen to leave the full width for the text. This should work well for a mobile experience without cutting off any functionality since the same elements are all there, just in a more convenient place. (For any micro.blog visitors, hit up the main homepage to see the design instead of the wordpress… View More

Hobonichi Techo 5-year

This upcoming year will be my sixth year with a Hobonichi Techo, an exciting milestone. While I don't write every day, there is such enjoyment in looking back and seeing the joys, small and large, over the years. This year has been more difficult than usual with the worries of COVID around the world, the disrupting being able to see friends and families, as well as blocking much of my planned professional and academic work that relies… View More

✍ 2020-09-17

Backlinks for notion backlinks for notion backlinks for notion– I am feeling some… View More

✍ 2020-09-19

Today, we cleaned up the Boxes of Mysterious Cords and I ran across my old iBook, neatly stored. On a lark, I booted it up. The screen is broken, but I still had the RCA adaptor, which the computer used to gamely send some video over to an external monitor. The screen was much too big for the input so the text was blurred with colored edges, like I was looking back through a time machine to the year OSX10.4. I'd cleaned the files off, but it… View More

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