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✍ 2019-12-22

[Gerd Kempermann and his colleagues at the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden in Germany] found an additive effect: exercise alone was good for the hippocampus, but combining physical activity with cognitive demands in a stimulating environment was even better, leading to even more new neurons.  Link: Why Your Brain… View More

✍ 2019-12-25

May you have a Christmas day as filled with warmth and joy as this… View More

✍ 2019-12-27

Thank you, New Years Card, for being the fallback position from the onslaught of the end of a fall semester. You give me a way of sending good wishes to beloved family and friends while only looking moderately like a holiday… View More

✍ 2020-01-01

New year, this cat is keeping an eye on you. Start the decade out… View More

Market Forces and Higher Education

As part of a movement toward more open discussion of the challenges and opportunities for higher education, I'm going to post a few of the reflections I'm writing for class here throughout this semester. Many believe that the marketplace has overtaken state government as the dominant external force shaping (and reshaping) American higher education, even for public colleges and universities. As noted earlier,… View More

✍ 2020-02-29

Excellent band/album name: You're the Other Sideways. Feel free to use with credit.… View More

✍ 2020-03-15

In my homebound time today, there's just one small thing between me and… View More

✍ 2020-03-20

Using a mouse with an iPad is so strange. The interface is well integrated but it's like operating a laptop via rotary… View More

The Cream Cheese Wontons of Expectation

Last night, my husband and I were talking about our trial run chewing the chalky tablet that is lactaid to assist with bowls of old-fashioned mint chip. Had it worked for him as well as it had for me a few days previous? I asked. It had, he agreed. Now, I want some [expletive] cream cheese wontons, he added. Great! You should put some of these packets in your backpack–– The rest of my suggestion, that he could… View More

✍ 2020-04-09

On a lighter note, a kaiju… View More

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