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✍ 2020-10-14

We're starting to get chilly around here.… View More

Sisyphus of Fear

Years ago, I spent one angry evening attempting to set up a wireless HP printer on our network. There were epithets, there were tears, there was the temptation to cut open a screen and throw the cursed machine out the window into traffic. Eventually, I was successful, but at what cost. Five years ago, we moved to our house and I haven't had the stomach to attempt this feat on our new network. At first, I claimed that it was only… View More

✍ 2020-10-29

📚 I've been rereading the Stormlight Archive in preparation for the release of Rhythm of War. Substituting the kindle app for some chunk of my daily doomscrolling has led to me finishing a 1000-page book per week, which I think is illustrative of how much of my mental energy is being sapped by the two-hit combo of internet and… View More

✍ 2020-10-31

Happy… View More

✍ 2020-11-03

If you haven't yet, today is the day:… View More

✍ 2021-03-05

Another day, another website update, this time with… View More

✍ 2021-05-09

For my mom, who always sees the first… View More

✍ 2021-06-12

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✍ 2022-08-12

*emerges from a cave, blinking in the brightness of day* So, now that I've successfully defended my dissertation... What do people do with their, uh-- *looks down at text written on her hand in sharpie* Fu-ree… View More

✍ 2022-09-25

After about a year of the same design, it was time for a quick fall refresh. I also updated a few pages to correct links that had decayed, added a quick copy of this new design to the web design page, and refreshed the side… View More

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